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Uvista Leaded Window UV Protection

A product for the future designed by people who protect the past.

With the problems encountered with the removal of Laminated Window Films (LWF) from Leaded Windows and the subsequent damage to the intricate lead work lattices, CSC have developed a new form of screening that avoids any chance of damage to existing Leaded Windows whilst still maintaining an effective barrier to damaging Ultra Violet Rays.

Uvista is a rigid Polycarbonate based material, which has unique Ultra Violet filters allowing areas and windows to be screened permanently, and replaced without damage to the window frame or the glass.

Due to the construction of the polycarbonate CSC can offer a Ten Year UV protection guarantee on Uvista products (as opposed to five years on LWF) and when removal is required the new panels are fitted and the old ones taken away, without any damage or time consuming stripping and replacing of traditional LWF.

Consultation between Estate Managers/Owners and CSC are essential at the planning stage to ensure any fixings are sympathetic to the surroundings to enable the screens to be virtually unseen (a prerequisite for any UV screening product)

Uvista materials are available in many thickness and sheet sizes and we recommend that panels are fitted rather than large screens for ease of removal for cleaning etc.

Please feel free to pose your questions or enquiries to CSC, as we believe we have a product for the future designed by people who protect the past.